SHACKLES CO. is a Vancouver based jewelry company established by Jordan Smith and Ashley Hamer-Jackson in the summer of 2012. What originally began as a passionate hobby and a form of creative expression for the two, quickly snowballed into a  business opportunity after their bracelets became increasingly popular amongst friends and family.

They began by stringing together the most basic beads and materials, followed by experimenting with different materials and incorporating metals, unique beads, and rare stones. With their extraordinary fashion sense and creativity, along with their hard work and determination, Jordan and Ashley work together to produce their own style of wrist wraps and bracelets.


Shackles inspiration and passion to build “from the ground up” ensures that each individual piece will reflect one’s personal creativity. Each handmade piece features rare rocks and gemstones from all over the world. When joined, these stones tell a story which gives each bracelet a unique meaning. From the humble beginnings of making bracelets with individual meanings for those closest to them comes Shackles, which marries design and meaning in individualized, hand-crafted pieces.



the inspiration.

At SHACKLES CO. we are very proud of our global inspiration. We have traveled to over 30 countries capturing inspiration for our brand and soon it will be on here to tell you a little more of our story.